Our glitter is kind of a big deal! It’s ultra fine, ultra sparkly, and ultra awesome….just like us!

An 8 oz jar is $8 and will add sparkle to more projects than you can imagine!

We have 18 epic colors for all of your needs!

Cherry bomb- A bright ruby red

Clementine- A bright tangerine orange

Yellow brick road- A shiny yellow

Goldilocks-  A bright gold

Chameleon- A fun lime green

Envy- A bright kelley green

Emerald city- A wonderful emerald green

Enchanted forest- A deep mossy green

Mermaid- An awesome turquoise/aqua

Bedazzled blue- A rich royal blue

Wildcat- The perfect purple

Electric youth- A bright hot pink

Dark chocolate- A deep chocolate brown

Pennies from heaven- A bright shiny copper

Silver linings- A super shiny silver

Chimney sweep- An awesome charcoal gray

Pitch Black- it’s black, like really dark black.

Snowflake- A nice bright white