Party Plaques

How cute are these plaques?!
No boring shapes here! These are perfect for adding a fun new line of easy to paint plaques into your studio. We take the guess work out of painting that blank space by including an adorable silkscreen created just for that shape! Each box comes with 12 of the same shape, AND the matching silkscreen. Come on, how easy is that?

Case of 12 ($2.41 each): $30
Each case includes 1 super cute screen!


New Square Plaques

These cute square plaques are made for any occasion. They are 5” square plaques with fashionable rounded corners! We have developed two screens to fit these plaques – for all the seasons – Valentines, Mothers Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Case of 12 ($2 each): $24 (silk screens sold separately)